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World Class Workshops to Learn 21st Century Skills

Futureproof your business with 21st-Century training that gives your employees the core skills they need for dynamic collaboration and growth.


If you are working towards a learning organization, we offer visionary training and forward-looking workshops to help knowledge workers tackle the challenges of 21st-century business. 360PMO’s expert learning and development Coaches offer world-class, interactive workshops that are built around engaged learning, enlivened discussion and building the foundations of true knowledge in the subject area.


Agile has finally gone mainstream. Today, many organizations are increasingly using agile methodologies in managing complex and innovative projects. Our Agile workshops will give you what you need to understand agility. Our workshops are way different than long boring lecture, we offer intensively collaborative, engaging and interactive with hands-on team exercises to demonstrate agile values and principles by practically applying agile practices throughout the workshop. Read more

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is a process through which one gets to understand a system by examining the interactions and linkages that exist between the comprising components of the whole system. Systems Thinking provides a method to push beyond the immediate problems to see the underlying patterns, the ways we may leverage the system, and how we can learn and adapt as the system continues to change. It doesn’t make these challenges any less complex, but it gives us a way to embrace that complexity and work towards a healthier system.

This workshop will improve the level of perspective and get a more profound understanding of reactive(events), adaptive(patterns), systematic structures (creative) and mental models(reflective) to achieve the long-term sustainable solutions.


Lean is a highly effective business approach that results in fiscal strength, customer and employee loyalty, and organizational agility.  Lean helps organizations in eliminating waste and introduce the discipline of optimizing value to customers. This workshop provides practices that help leaders in creating a culture that brings out the best in all employees. Read more

Design Thinking

Design Thinking focuses on discovering solutions with customer-centered problem solving. It helps in transforming and also innovating systems by trying to determine what can be achieved. It defines the issue that is at hand in order to understand the business state. The process involves various steps namely: Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test

All our workshops

  • Encourage creativity, critical thinking, flexibility, and leadership – in turn, positive feedback leads to personal growth and heightened confidence.
  • Engage minds and bodies and offer a skillful integration of key concepts, theories, techniques and experiential exercises that generate key insights and help sustainable learning.

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