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Thinking Methods Comparison

Problem solving involves four processes that are effective and innovative. They are AgileLeanDesign Thinking and Systems Thinking. Deciding on the approach that one should use varies based on the goals that one is trying to achieve. All the approaches are effective, and each of them helps in achieving certain purposes that are specific. The approaches can work very well on their own, but they can also be complemented to work together.

The greatest difference between the methods is determining the focus and the outcome that is required for every method.

Design Thinking and Systems Thinking can work together and they are very effective in having a better understanding of the systems. They have a main aim which is transforming and also innovating systems by trying to determine what can be achieved. With systems thinking it is very easy to have a better understanding regarding the systems that are complex via having an analysis of a context that is a bit broader. It also comes in handy in identifying the best solution for the problems. Below is a detailed overview regarding the thinking methods.

Framework Definition and Focus When Used
Systems Thinking It gives a better understanding of systems by having a context that is a bit wider regarding a certain situation. It helps in bringing out structures and patterns that consider the system’s current and past states.

Its focus is having a better understanding of the complex systems with the aim of determining the opportunities that can be used in solving and handling the causes of the problems.

– To prevent consequences that are not intentional
– Addresses the stakeholders and the perspectives that are divergent
– Understands the complex problems that are interconnected
Design Thinking The methodology helps in transforming and also innovating systems by trying to determine what can be achieved. It defines the issue that is at hand in order to understand the business state. The process involves various steps namely: Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test.

Its focus is on uncovering customer needs and discover solutions.

– Coming up with solutions
– Uncovering needs
Lean It is a methodology in business that increases value for the customers through the elimination of waste and using reduced resources as well.

Its focus is on making improvements in the business model through the elimination of waste and increasing the delivery of value

– Improving quality
– Preserving value through limited work
– Eliminating waste
– Reducing costs and time
Agile Methods An incremental and iterative approach that focuses on the continuation of planning, delivering and executing the working software.

The main focus is on improving the delivery of the solution and also accepting and following the constant environmental changes

– Effective collaboration to ensure deliver value is continuously
– Delivers working solutions
– Continuously adopt and response to change, feedback and unpredictability